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Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual consultation and how does virtual consultation work?

Virtual consultation visits take place via telephone or secure video conferencing and below are some of the advantages of this format:

  1. As a client, you can choose the clinician that best suits your needs. You are not limited to working only with practitioners who are local and may or may not be able to meet your needs.
  2. Appointment times can be more flexible.
  3. You do not have to travel, saving time and other resources.
  4. You can keep appointments even while traveling.
  5. If you move, you can continue your relationship with your practitioner from anywhere.

What is Functional Medicine?

The functional medicine approach seeks to find and address the root cause of illness instead of just managing symptoms (putting a band-aid on the problem). This process takes a little investigative skill utilizing the practitioner’s knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, nutrient needs and root causes of imbalances in each individual client. With an understanding that individual organs and even systems communicate and function synergistically, functional medicine addresses the body as a whole.

Every client has come to the place of disease (dis-EASE) or less-than-optimal health in a different way and this requires that individual needs be addressed. Functional medicine provides a patient/client centered approach that allows YOU to be heard and understood by a health care provider who will take the time to provide the best plan of action on for YOU! This provides for a partnership between you and your practitioner that optimizes outcomes and is beneficial for both of you to be successful in reaching your goals. Functional medicine is a paradigm shift in thinking for many due to conventional medicine being the current standard of care. It is the way medicine was intended to be all along. Functional Medicine’s time is here and it is the sustainable medicine of the future. Paula’s clients often say “it makes sense” and “it works”. They get it. They have been overlooked while conventional practitioners have continued to treat their symptoms and parts and not really listened to their whole story. Functional Medicine focuses on the whole patient—YOU!

Who should partner with Paula?

I work with clients with digestive issues, IBS, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, fatigue, blood sugar, metabolic and weight management issues. I love helping people make changes to their diet and lifestyle that have a broad impact on their health issues. I offer education and support that fosters true change. Using either elimination diets or testing options to identify trigger foods we can eliminate these foods and focus on getting the body appropriately nourished into health. Often, clients experience improvement in weight management, skin conditions, insomnia/sleep quality, and energy/fatigue, hormones, etc. Paula also offers wellness programs and packages for those who are otherwise healthy but want to optimize their health as they age for improved quality of life. See Work With Paula for more information.

Many clients find me after conventional medicine or diets fail to meet their expectations toward lasting outcomes. They may have tried alternative treatments or they want to avoid medications for chronic conditions hoping their condition can be impacted by diet and lifestyle change. They know that what they are doing, or what they have been doing is not working and that they need to partner with someone who can offer them insight and a solid plan of action toward achieving or restoring real health. Some just want to prevent chronic disease and achieve optimal wellness. Clients seeking my help have come to understand that good health is the foundation for living life to its fullest.

What can I expect from the “Get Acquainted” Session?

If you’ve browsed through the website, you probably have a sense of whether or not you and I are a good fit. In the ‘Get Acquainted’ session, we will review your health challenges and concerns. I will answer any questions you have. This is sort of an ‘interview’ process for both of us. To ensure the best outcome for you, I need to know that your health concerns are within my scope of practice and expertise and that you are at a place in life where you can invest in your health. You will want to know that I can and have helped others who have similar conditions. Because we will be partnering over an extended time together to discover underlying causes and make diet and lifestyle changes, it is important that we are both comfortable and that you feel confident that I am the “right” practitioner to help you transform your health.

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What qualifies Paula to help you?

I have been a licensed, Registered Dietitian for 20+ years with an insider’s understanding of the healthcare industry and why it doesn’t/hasn’t/can’t work for the typical client seeking my help. I have spent the last 10 year researching and obtaining education and training in traditional, holistic nutrition and functional medicine nutritional protocols. With my focus on Functional Medicine and Wellness, I began my own private practice in 2013 and I have helped many others improve and restore their health.

I have a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from University of Louisiana at Lafayette (1993) (Go Ragin’ Cajuns!) and a MS in Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University (1997). I have studied functional medicine for years, including completing the Institute for Functional Medicine’s foundational course (AFMCP). In October, 2014, I also opened a boutique Pilates and Wellness studio with my twin sister, Patti, in Brenham, Texas, where I teach Pilates, Barre and Nutrition classes.

Does Paula accept insurance?

No, insurance does not yet cover this type of virtual nutrition consultation, nor does insurance cover many other services that are preventive and not medical in nature. Even in the healthcare setting, very few nutrition consultations are paid by insurers.

Can I use my flex plan?

You may be able to, but each flex plan and case is different.

Does Paula file with Medicare?

No, I do not a participate as a provider with Medicaid or Medicare.

Are your prices on the website? I can’t find them.

Prices are not listed on the website. The first step in working with me is the ‘Get Acquainted’ session. I believe that the relationship with our healthcare practitioners can have just as much impact on our health as the interventions we receive in either a positive or negative direction. The ‘Get Acquainted’ session is where we meet and get to know more about each other.

If we both determine that we are a good fit for each other during the Get Acquainted session, the next step is to choose a package that meets your needs. This can only be determined once you have completed this session since some clients have multiple health conditions and others have only one or two conditions which will require less time and attention from me. Each client case is unique. I often spend time researching and adjusting care plans to ensure that you will reach your health goals.

Most importantly, I can NOT help you with complex health issues in only 2 or 3 sessions if I am going to research your conditions to create an individualized action plan. You will need to be invested in the process on an ongoing basis. If you have a more complex health condition, you can plan on a minimum of 3 months and for many it’s a longer process. This is a commitment for both you and me. This type of health building isn’t a quick fix and allows me to offer you TIME and attention toward meeting your goals. I limit my active clients at any given time so that you will get the attention you desire and deserve.

Can I purchase professional quality supplements through Paula?

YES, I can help you decide what products will be best for you. I can help you access a broad array of professional grade vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements that can only be accessed through healthcare professionals. I will also work with you to decide what is right for you based on your history, needs, and budget.

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